By incorporating their culture into classroom instruction, teachers value the unique realities of minority students — an approach that sets both students and educators up for success, says At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference Plenary Speaker Dr. Christopher Emdin.

Watch Dr. Chris Emdin explain how pairing #HipHopEd with science can help plug into student’s learning.

A popular, insightful and entertaining speaker who is returning to Atlanta for a second engagement, Dr. Emdin is a professor at Columbia University, founder of the #HipHopEd movement, and author of The New York Times bestseller, For White Folks Who Teach In The Hood…and the Rest of Ya’ll Too.

In 2019, the At-Risk & Struggling Student Conference will be coming to Atlanta (June 18th-22nd) and San Antonio (November 14th-17th) as part of the Innovative Schools Summit. The At-Risk & Struggling Students Conference focuses on evidence-based programs and strategies that educators can use to prevent dropouts and to help students experience success in school. Join us in Atlanta and San Antonio to gain valuable insights and to explore practical ways to help this critical portion of your school’s population.

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